First Aid Question for DragonQuest


From the Antherwyck page on FB, Jeff Halfhide asks:

Hello fellow enthusiasts! Once upon a time during the g+ and yahoo groups days, there was an article about a first aid skill. I have searched low and also high in my dusty archive and cannot find it. Do any of you have information about it?

I’m not readily finding it, so I thought I should open the question to the wider community.

One Response to “First Aid Question for DragonQuest”

  1. Weeregamer Says:

    I found a referrence in “_dragonquest_Skills”:

    [69.22] An adventurer will use First Aid to stop blood loss from a wound and remove missile weapons.

    On a roll of ([MD + PC]/2 + [7 x Rank]) % or less the character may stop the loss of 1 FT points per Pulse (+1 FT point every 2 Ranks) due to a wound. On a roll which is 30% lower than the success chance the character may stop the loss of 1 EN point per Pulse due to a wound (+1 EN point every 4 Ranks).

    In addition the adventurer may remove a missile or thrown weapon which has become lodged. The removal takes two minutes [-6 seconds per Rank] and reduces the damage done in the extraction by 1 point every four [or fraction of four] Ranks.

    If they want a full copy of the documant I have it in both .doc and .PDF format.

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