Antherwyck & DragonQuest Updates – Feb 2021


There’s more to this post than originally intended, and I blame Froth, and Twitter.  A few weeks ago, I was listening to the ThoughtEater Podcast Humpday RPG Show when I was shocked to hear a question about DragonQuest come up: “I’ve heard of it; has anyone ever played it?

Obviously, I have a few thoughts and a little bit of experience about the subject.  And so, after a little messaging back and forth with Froth – who had asked the question, and some wrestling with sound recording, a couple weeks later, I had a recorded a few minutes of discussion about DQ which was included on the show a couple weeks later.

Separate from this, we had started talking about ZineQuest, and thinking again about the Anther-Zine we had started working on, and had roughed out, before 2020 really blew up and turned into all that 2020 was.

We’re polishing things up and getting AntherZine Volume 1, Number 1 ready, and will be releasing it as a PDF in the next couple weeks.  We’re hoping that it will be something that we can start doing on a regular basis, and have also started working on the first issue for Volume 2.  The present plan is to have a forward-subscription model.  If you support us for one issue, you’ll automatically get the next one.  And if you support that one, you’ll automatically get the one after that. And we’ll have a subscriber-supporter level where you sign up for a year’s worth of issues.  Past a certain point, back issues will be released in pay-what-you-want mode.  But those who want to support it can get earlier access.  We will also probably do some physical copies, and figure that a few people may want to get those.  We’ll have some more about all of this when we officially release it.

Also, perhaps as a result of the DQ discussion on the podcast and accompanying posts on Twitter, an old friend showed up and had some questions about the Wilderness of Ordurak adventure and about any other forthcoming DQ projects.  We’re looking into making it possible to get print copies of the regional map from the Wilderness, and hope to have something on that soon, as well..

Until now, I haven’t wanted to say much about it, because it’s early, and these things tend to take a lot of time to complete, but I have started on re-working and expanding the Medford Adventure, which was outlined in the DQ files years back.  There wasn’t a lot there, but it was a solid outline to work from.  I’ve been working on it sporadically for a couple months. There’s no specific timeline for it yet, but it’s underway, and I’ll start giving some updates about it as it moves along.  It’s going to be more in the range of The Sentinel Keep in size, rather than another Wilderness of Ordurak.

Lastly, a quick reminder that there is a listserv for DQ discussion if you are looking to start new discussions.  You can sign up for that at:


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