New Dungeon Fragments


A few years ago, I created a series of Dungeon Intersections. They are drawn on a small notepad that has really nice paper, and something about the size and the texture seemed to beg for quick doodle maps that I posted fairly regularly one every couple weeks.

So, for the start of the new year for 2022, I’m starting another series of the same type of maps. For this year, I’m going to wait and see how readily I can post these before I declare a schedule. The last series was 26 maps, named alphabetically, and posted over the course of a year. I hope to match that set this year, but delivering anything has been problematic over the last couple years, so there are no promises, other than that I will try to keep to the schedule.

If you want a set of the older intersections series printed on a set of poker-size cards, those are available from DriveThruRPG. You can also find them by scrolling back through the older posts of this blog.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

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