Another ‘Through the Void’ Map


I’ve recently completed a couple more commissions for Through the Void. This is one of them, as a preview for what will be coming out when the whole game is published.

These are in a similar style to the Lunar X1 base from earlier this year. They want to have a consistent style, so working with the same artist for all the maps helps with that. The greebling that helps define the walls also gives it a characteristic that I haven’t seen in other maps, and I think it works well for this series.

As just the map maker, I know only a little bit about these places when I draw them. I’m given some information about the spaces, but I don’t have a complete adventure text, so the collaboration is somewhat at arm’s length, though they seem to work out pretty well.

The airlock and landing bay is at the left. Other labs and containment areas throughout the complex. This one also has a set of vents which provide an alternate way of getting around and bypassing certain rooms or spaces. The one additional note I was given about this complex is that it is an orbiting space station over a planet of storms (a la Solaris), so that was what led to the swirled background surrounding the map.

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