Rodger has been a role-playing gamer for over 30 years. He became a fan of the SPI role-playing game DragonQuest not long after it was published, and has devoted countless hours to the game ever since. He has been involved in the support of the DragonQuest role-playing game through online groups, the DragonQuest Newsletter, and more. He is the author of the independent supplement “Poor Brendan’s Almanac,” which includes two new Colleges of Magic and three new Skills for DragonQuest. He has also released three adventures for DragonQuest: “The Water Works,” “The Wilderness of Ordurak,” and “The Sentinel Chapel.”

Beyond his involvement with DragonQuest, he has played numerous RPGs and board games. He is interested in the possibilities of text/wiki games, particularly the Lexicon Game. He is also continuing to explore ideas for a “Spy Game,” based on the Cold War, the Space Race, and the like, with particular inspiration drawn from the television series “Sandbaggers” and “Spooks”

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