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End of Year Notes for 2020

December 27, 2020

It’s taken almost a year, but the name of this blog has been revised to drop the “House” in the old Antherwyck House Games (it’s just Antherwyck Games, now) as noted at the beginning of 2020. Like much of the world, Antherwyck effectively went on hiatus for most of 2020. But, a couple things are shaking loose, and I’ve posted a couple things in recent days.

There was recent news at the beginning of December that Froth is returning with Thought Eater, and that will be a very welcome return!  That prompts me to share my current gaming podcast list.  With most of these, I have been a fairly regular listener for a while:

Like a lot of other folks, I think that podcasts have supplanted the community connections that I’d developed from Google+ communities.  But, there’s a lot less feedback in the audio format than there was in G+.  There needs to be a better way for doing feedback for podcasts.  I’m not inclined to start recording audio, but I’m going to try to be a more responsive listener, and let the folks making these podcasts know I’m listening, and have some thoughts on their programs.

Other than that general plan, I don’t want to say anything about upcoming plans, or things I’d like to be doing. In the past, when I’ve done that, and then they don’t come to fruition as quickly as I’d thought, it looks like a bunch of incomplete projects.  So, while I hope to do some things in the coming year, and have more output than in this year, I don’t want to make any promises until I have something in hand.

So stay tuned.

Stats for the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2

October 26, 2015

This is a pretty slow blog, for the most part.  It’s got a handful of followers, and occasionally draws some activity from cross-posting things to Google+.  On average, there are probably a dozen or so views per day.  Until the recent spike.

Friday (October 23) was when the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2 was unveiled.  You’ll notice the uptick…


It was almost 900 views, far and away the most views I’ve had on any day.  Saturday was even a bit more.  Sunday was more than the previous two days combined.

This is great that so many more people have seen the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon, beyond the circle of its creators.

Blog name change

March 18, 2012

This blog has a new name: Antherwyck House Games. It’s the same blog, fundamentally; all the old posts are still here, and it will continue to be largely about DragonQuest and about indie games. But it is now going to be linked from the new website (coming soon), and is going to become an official part of Antherwyck House. Announcements and discussions of new projects will be posted here.

We’re never going to be a high volume publisher; this is a side-line for us. But, after the fundraiser for the Wilderness adventure, it became clear that there was still an audience for DragonQuest materials, even though it’s been nearly a quarter century since anything was last published. We’re looking to become the source for that small audience.

We’re plotting a release schedule for our first year. The present plan is to have one new title per quarter, and we’ll see how that works out.

We may also get more heavily involved in the development of a retro-clone for DragonQuest. Retro-clones are re-written rules that are compatible with an existing game. The core concepts of the game remain, but they are written in new language, so that they do not fall afoul of copyright law. A lot of old-school games are getting this treatment. Having a free retro-clone of DragonQuest would make it easier for new players to discover the game and try it out.