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Further Inktober wrap-up

October 31, 2017

As with many others, Inktober participation started with the best of intentions and a streak of several days.  Then, a couple days slipped by because Real Life sometimes has to have priority.  And then, with a bunch of missing days, some scattered gap fills were added.  But the waning days of the month didn’t allow enough time to get them all caught up.

So this is the last of my Inktober set.  There are gaps, yes.  I didn’t complete the full set.  But I’ve developed another kind of sketch that I can add to my repertoire.  Some things don’t work exceptionally well in these; I’ve got some thoughts about how to refine these.  That makes this a productive exercise.

The remainder:





More Inktober pieces

October 29, 2017

Still trying to keep with the section view approach for Inktober.  The first third done this way, so I think it’s been successful.








Inktober and other thoughts

October 7, 2017

I’m going to try to participate in Inktober this year.  There’s a set of prompts for each day, and the idea is to do a drawing each day, inspired by the prompts.  I won’t do daily posts here (go over to G+ and follow me there for that).

I seem to have fallen into a theme, at least for this week, doing vignette dungeon sections.  A couple of these are traps; others might just be perils or points of interest.  I’m not sure if this will carry through all of Inktober, but I’m intrigued to try now.

The first few of these were done with just a single, medium thickness pen.  For the last couple, I was also using a fine line Micron, as well.  I did some computer shading in the first one, and then I remembered that it’s INK-tober.  I’m not going to delete that one, but I’m going to keep to just the pens for the rest of these.








The quote from Leiber doesn’t have anything to do with this, other than just coinciding in time.  I’m reading some Fafhrd and Gray Mouser, and came across this line this weekend, and wanted to write it down somewhere.

Every geas is lifted at last, every self-set rule repealed. Otherwise orderliness in life becomes a limitation to growth; discipline, chains; integrity, bondage and evil-doing.”  — Fritz Leiber, “Swords Against Death” p 7