Canonical DragonQuest Index

Canonical DragonQuest Index

DragonQuest Index

A Canonical List of Published DragonQuest Materials

(Last update: 25 December 2018, Rodger Thorm)


NOTE: We have tried to be as complete as possible with this list. However, mistakes and omissions certainly may exist. Editorial descriptions are by the various contributors.

Game System

DragonQuest, 1st Edition, (SPI)

Three softcover 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot stapled books, tactical
display map, counters, etc. A bagged set and a boxed set were both
DragonQuest, 2nd Edition, (SPI) 1981.
White cover. One hardcover 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book.
SPI #3900
New combat system with TMR rather than 1st Edition APA. Some weapons are
removed from the weapons table and others are changed. Contains the
adventure The Camp of Alla-Akbar by Gerry Klug. Also was
available in a boxed set with Blade of Allectus included as
the sample adventure.
DragonQuest, 2nd Edition, (SPI/Bantam books)
White cover. One softcover 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot

This revised edition was published in conjunction with Bantam Books.
There are only a couple of minor variations from the hardcover edition
(e.g.. a character’s starting PC is increased from 5 to 8). Contains the
adventure The Camp of Alla-Akbar. Chris Klug (credited as Gerald Klug in the game), the developer at SPI who managed DragonQuest, has said that he considers this to be the definitive version of DragonQuest.
Arcane Wisdom, (SPI) never published.
The Fourth Book of DragonQuest Never commercially
Never actually commercially published, although photocopies of
playtesters’ versions are known to exist. Contains 3 new colleges of
magic, magic system designer’s notes, and sections on magical herbs,
magical stones and gems, and magical objects. Online (text and PDF) copies are also in circulation.
DragonQuest, 3rd Edition, (TSR, Inc.)
Purple cover. One softcover 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book.
TSR #01432-3
This edition removed the Colleges of Greater Summoning and Black Magics,
and added Colleges of Summoning (without the Greater and very
unlike it as well) and Shaping (?). The College of Summoning seems to
correspond to the legendary College of Lesser Summonings and the College
of Shaping was changed to remove any reference to the College of Greater
Summoning. Other than these heresies, there are only cosmetic changes in
the body of rules (addition of parts of the Herbal Lore section from
Arcane Wisdom Rule 94, may be noteworthy). The note for Saps is changed
and spells that have words like evil and hell in them are renamed.
Contains the adventure The Camp of Alla-Akbar.

Game Support Materials

Arena of Death (SPI)

Insert game in _Ares_ #4

Although not officially a DragonQuest product, Arena of Death is
essentially just the combat system from DragonQuest (1st Edition), with a
highly abbreviated character generation system and a few minimal rules
about popularity points and the response of the crowd. (It’s about
gladiatorial combat in an arena, as you have already guessed.) The issue
came with the same map (or, I should say, Tactical Display) and counters
as were in 1st Edition DragonQuest.

Frontiers of Alusia: Adventure Map (SPI) 1981
Booklet and map; SPI #337P11

Campaign setting — maps — brief gazetteer

GM’s Screen (SPI) 1980
4 panel 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot folded screen; SPI #331P11 (1st
For 1st Edition. It has the same picture on it as the 2nd Edition. It is
four panels printed front and back (only 6 sides have game material on
them).SPI #3310 (2nd Ed.)

Has the words 2nd Edition Compatible on the front cover.
Basically the same information with some minor adjustments to weapon Base
Chances, and some items deleted.

Heroes and Villains (Judges Guild) 1982
46 page booklet; product #900

A 46 page booklet similar in format to the other material published by JG.
A book of characters keyed to the Frontiers of Alusia map. Includes a
Great Eagle Shape Changer, an inn called the Fiddle in the Hand Inn, and
some interesting magic items. Written in the typical JG style. By Edward
R.G. Mortimer.

Thieves’ World (Chaosium) 1981
Boxed set incl. 3 booklets and maps; product #2007-X

Based on Robert L. Asprin’s city of Sanctuary and the Thieves’ World
series of books. The Personalities of Sanctuary booklet,
pgs. 24-30 has a set of guidelines for using Thieves’ World characters
with DragonQuest written by Eric Goldberg. Interesting features include:
a very short discussion about how to handle gods, two new monsters, rules
for Adepts using more than one College of Magic, and mention of the
contents of Arcane Wisdom (shaping magics, lesser summonings,
and rune magics). A good source of NPC’s as well.


Adventures which were published in magazines are listed here as well as
under the magazine article in which the adventure appeared.

The Blade of Allectus

(SPI) 1980. Booklet. DQ Adventure Two; SPI #317P11.

A mysterious island where dwell a great mage and his lovely daughter.
Somewhere on the island is also the rightful master of a far-off duchy,
held by the mage against his will. The characters’ mission is to rescue
the duke and capture the mage and his daughter. (DragonNotes Nr.6)

Camp of Alla-Akabar
— Gerry Klug

(SPI) 1981. Ares #10, September 1981, pp 17-23.

Also included in copies of 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition rules. Very good
introductory adventure, especially with its emphasis on a different style
of adventure.

Enchanted Wood
— Jennell Jaquays, writing under the name Paul Jaquays

(SPI) Booklet; SPI #

The House of Kurin

(SPI) Ares #7, March 1981, pp 5-12.

Magebird Quest
— Dave Sering

(Judges Guild) 1982. Booklet; product #890.

Beginner’s level adventure.

The Palace of Ontoncle

(SPI) Booklet; SPI #

The Shattered Statue
— Jennell Jaquays, writing under the name Paul Jaquays

(TSR, Inc.) 1988. Booklet; DQ1; TSR #9221

A dual DragonQuest/ADD module which has as its major
claim to fame unedited versions of The College of Rune Magics and The
College of Shaping Magics taken from the original (and near mythical)
Arcane Wisdom supplement.

Starsilver Trek
— Diane Mortimer Bill Pixley

(Judges Guild) 1982. Booklet; product #930

An interesting adventure, where the player characters can all be dwarves!

The Treasure of Socranti
— Gerry Klug

(SPI) Ares #13, pp 45-52

Independently Published Materials

Materials produced since the end of publication of DragonQuest (post Wizards of the Coast acquisition of TSR). Both rules extensions and new adventures.


Poor Brendan’s Almanac (Antherwyck House Games)
PDF file & hardcopy 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book, 31 pages, 1.9 MB.

Includes College of Witchcraft; College of Time Magic; Diplomat, Herbalist, and Hunter skills; several new rules and weapons. Available for download from several sources.

Things Spiritual
PDF file, 8-1/4&quot x 11-1/2&quot book, 61 pages, 0.8 MB.

A system for incorporating spirits and religion into DragonQuest. Includes rules for spirits, religions, sample pantheons, and planes of existence. Available from DQ-rules group.

DQ Rulebook for Players and Game Masters of the Seagate Adventurers Guild, 2010 Revision, Edition 1.7
PDF file, 152 pages, 1.42 MB.

A revised, updated version of the rules with numerous additions.


The Crypts of the Dark Ones
PDF file, 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book, 11 pages, 91 kB.


Roll Out the Barrel
PDF file, 8-1/4&quot x 11-1/2&quot book, 8 pages, 1 MB.


The Water Works
— Rodger Thorm

(Antherwyck House Games) 2012. Booklet; AHG2102-101

PDF file and print versions; 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book, 16 pages, 91 kB.

A group of adventurers are hired to seek out a lost workshop once used for magical research that was forgotten after a long past war.

The Wilderness of Ordurak
— Rodger Thorm

(Antherwyck House Games) 2013. Booklet; AHG4102-103

PDF file and print versions; 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book, 60 pages, 33.9 MB.

A group of adventurers is sought to aid in unraveling a mystery set in an untamed land. The Barony of Auskenheim is the most recent addition to the Confederation of Baronies, on the frontier where wild magic is more prevalent, and life is more dangerous, than in more civilized lands. A quasi-sandbox setting for a group of 4 to 6 Adventurer level characters.

Also includes a new 12″ x 18″ campaign setting map by Stephen Peto.

The Sentinel Chapel
— Rodger Thorm

(Antherwyck House Games) 2017. Booklet; AHG7102-194

PDF file and print versions; 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book, 28 pages, 3.56 MB.

Late in the year, as the harvest season is closing, and towns and villages are preparing for
the coming winter, word has reached the group that someone is looking for a small band of
adventurers for a dangerous, but well-paying task. They are to travel into the Fealhoa
Valley, a region that has been deadly dangerous for the past 30 years, when it became
overrun with monsters and undead creatures. A village called Cambray, several days’
travel into the Fealhoa Valley has been cut off, and no one has been in contact with that
community for many years.
The adventurers are to travel to the site of a chapel located about a day’s travel from the
town of Cambray and recover the silver letters on the family graves of a group of
silversmiths who were originally from Cambray, and whose remaining family members now
live in exile.

Includes pages of Tactical Display layouts for key rooms and locations for the adventure.


Wilderness of Ordurak Gazetteer
(Antherwyck House Games) 2018. Booklet; AHG8102-199

PDF file and print versions; 8-1/2&quot x 11&quot book, 11 pages, 503 kB.

Regional gazetteer with additional information about the setting presented in the Wilderness of Ordurak adventure, primarily covering the “civilized” areas of the map, in the same manner as The Frontiers of Alusia.

Wilderness of Ordurak Map
— Stephen Peto

(Antherwyck House Games) 2013.

PDF file and print versions; 12&quot x 18&quot “mini-poster” map

Map included with The Wilderness of Ordurak adventure available on its own. Graphics a very close match for SPI style of The Frontiers of Alusia.

Magazine Articles

Articles are organized by the magazine they appeared in.

Ares Magazine

(SPI, later TSR)

There were only 17 issues (+ 1 special issue) of Ares magazine
published. Earlier issues (#5 and earlier) contained little DragonQuest
stuff, because the game was not out yet. Later issues (#13+) were put out
by TSR and have very little DragonQuest material.

Issue No. 2

A full-page ad, this June, SPI will release… (referring
to the game by its original working title, Dragonslayer).
Issue No. 3
The same ad as in #2, but with the DragonQuest title.
Issue No. 4
pp 12-?

Eye of the Goblin

Arena of Death Story
pp 15-26 + enclosure

Arena of Death – David Ritchie and Redmond Simonsen

An early version of DQ Combat, essentially similar to 1st Edition
DragonQuest combat system.

pp ?-?

The Weapons from the Arena of Death

This is just general info on low-tech hand weaponry. Nothing in any kind
of game-terms, so I wouldn’t consider it a DQ article.

Issue No. 5
An ad for the GM screen. Also, an appeal for DragonQuest players to
send in ideas for new monsters.
Issue No. 6 (January 1981)
p 33

Quick Combat II – Justin Leites

A first edition rules variant for calculating combat quickly.
p 34

DragonNotes – David Ritchie

Does not contain any gaming information, but does cover some of the
material that was going to be published by SPI before it folded.

Issue No. 7
pp 5-12

House of Kurin – David James Ritchie

A DragonQuest Capsule Adventure.
p 30


Issue No. 8
pp 14-15


Errata and notes on the 1st Edition.

Issue No. 9
p 34

PS chart

Issue No. 10 (September 1981)
pp 24, 29

DragonNotes – Gerry Klug

Horsemanship Overland Movement. Contains more rumors of DragonQuest
products (which never saw the light of day) and a first version of the
Horsemanship adventure skill eventually published in 2nd edition
DragonQuest.pp 17-23

Camp of Alla-Akabar – Gerry Klug
Adventure. This was later included in the 2nd and 3rd Edition printings
of DragonQuest.

Issue No. 11
pp 29-30


NPC Generation, NPC Card.

p 34

Designers’ Notes

Updates on DQ Projects

Issue No. 12
pp 9-13

Adventures in Albion
Roleplaying stats and information for use with the Land of
game from Ares #11. Has some interesting creatures,
magic items, spells, and weapons.

p 19

Designer’s Notes

pp 36, 38


Half-elves, Lizardman characters.

Issue No. 13
pp 38-39

Questing – Gerry Klug

Corrections on Greater Summonings Circle of Protection and Summoning;
modified Ritual of Summoning Succubi. Important article discussing the
College of Greater Summonings and rules variants for that College. People
playing 3rd edition need not worry about this article, since you don’t
have this College anyhow.
pp 45-52

The Treasure of Socantri – Gerry Klug

A DragonQuest Capsule Adventure; brilliant.

Issue No. 14
pp 53-62

The College of Rune Magics

Edition of the College that was faithful to the Arcane Wisdom version.

Different Worlds Magazine


Number 11

(date?) pp 28-30


Review of the game system (after publication of the First Edition). Also
includes a response from Eric Goldberg.

Number 12
(date?) pp ??

DragonQuest Review

Review of the game system by Michael A. Stackpole.

Number 18
(date?) pp 42-43

The Enchanted Wood

Review of the adventure module

Number 28
(date?) p 12

The Angels – Paul Crabaugh

New character race.

Dragon Magazine


Number 49
(May 1981) p 68

Travel and threads for DQ – Paul Montgomery Crabaugh.
Modification of 1st Edition travel rules, and some cute clothing, i.e.
harness, loincloth, body stocking, etc.

Number 57
(January 1982) p 24

The Versatile Magician – Jon Mattson.

Magician Skill for DQ; in basic, a general jack-of-all-trades for the
field of magic.

Number 78
(October 1983) pp 84, 86

Thrill of the Hunt – Paul Montgomery Crabaugh.

DragonQuest Rules for Finding ‘Fresh’ Food — Hunting Skill for DQ.

Number 82
(February 1984) pp 20-26

Enhancing the enchanter – Craig Barrett.

What to do with that character from the College of Ensorcelments
Enchantments, if you don’t have Arcane Wisdom; a neat addition.

Number 86
(June 1984) pp 24-25

The warrior alternative – Craig Barrett.

Non-magical characters for DQ, for those of us who wanted to play an
adventurer who did not use magic.

Number 89
(September 1984) pp 42-43

Learn magic by the month – Craig Barrett.

An alternative method for characters to learn magic, namely, in monthly
installments. Rules for studying spells, based on some of the revelations
out of the Thieves’ World game mechanics for DQ.

Number 92
(December 1984) p 62

Going up and Getting Wet – Paul Montgomery Crabaugh.

How DragonQuest Natives Climb and Swim — Basic rules for Climb and Swim
Skills; Climb is good, Swim isn’t.

Number 96
(April 1985) pp 56-60

Getting in over your head – Craig Barrett.

Rules for Swimming and Underwater combat in DragonQuest; half-decent.

Number 97
(May 1985) p 28

For a fuller background – Paul Montgomery Crabaugh.

Heritage in the DragonQuest game — Modified Social Class Tables and the
like that cover races, and have some new stuff like ‘Barbarian,’ ‘Woods
Dweller,’ and ‘Peasant.’

Fantasy Gamer Magazine

Number 2
(Oct/Nov 1988) pp 2-7

DragonQuest Damage Spells – David McCorkhill

Descriptions, variants, and ‘flavor’ for damage spells in DQ. Excellent
article modifying DQ damage spells to play better. Also includes a fun
supplemental backfire table where you can get the hosts of hell showing up
on your doorstep if you screw-up a spell bad enough…

Unknown Sources

(possibly Adventure Gaming Magazine?)
pp ?-?

The College of White Magicke (sic) – Perry Cooper

A ‘new’ College of magic made simply by taking spells from other Colleges.
Almost nothing original.

Dragonquester’s Notebook

Articles by Dean Martelle from Rider’s Hobby in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
These were included in a store newsletter.

  • Invested and Magic Items
  • Magic Items, Part 2
  • Detect Aura
  • The Care and Feeding of Demons…
  • Constable/Detective Skill

Online Resources

Antherwyck House Games

Publisher of adventures, rules, and materials for DragonQuest. Also has a blog

Archive of the old DragonQuest Newsletter from the late 1990s and early 2000s
DragonQuest Players Association

The DragonQuest Players Association has been a longstanding connection point for DragonQuest.

Seagate Adventurers Guild
The most active group of DragonQuest players is the Seagate Adventurers Guild ( in Auckland, New Zealand. They are also responsible for developing some supplemental materials and a revised, updated version of the rules with numerous additions.

Social Media

Fan groups for DragonQuest exist on many social media platforms. Since these sites can be more transitory, using the internal search function of the site may also help.

Facebook DragonQuest Group
Facebook DragonQuest Page
Google Plus DragonQuest RPG community (ending in 2019)
Reddit DragonQuest
RPG Geek game family for DragonQuest
Wikipedia entries for DragonQuest

(French language version)

(Swedish version)

Yahho Groups for DragonQuest
For many years, the DragonQuest online community hub was organized around Yahoo Groups:





Shannon Appel, Jim Huffman, John Kahane, Eric Labelle, David Leuck, Dan Peters, John F. Rauchert, Charles Summerhill, Rodger Thorm, and Russell Whyte.

Jennell Jaquays, writing under the name Paul Jaquays

(Last update: 25 December 2018, Rodger Thorm)

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