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Very, Very Meta-

June 23, 2015

There’s something almost mind-breakingly meta about finding an article about saving orphaned RPGs by using the Wayback Machine, and searching through a blog that is itself now gone except for the archive.

And it’s exponentially more bizarre for me to come across, because of who it cites in the article:

Rodger Thorm spots a Boing Boing post about copyright and points out the implications for RPGs. The US Copyright Office is looking into the need for a system to clear the rights for orphaned copyrighted works with no visible rightsholder. They want public comment, since they’re trying to figure out what the pros and cons are of various potential courses of action with regard to orphaned works.

As Rodger points out, there’s a ton of this kind of thing in the RPG field. If you’re a creator or a fan of an orphaned RPG — not one that the rightsholders won’t publish, but one for which the rightsholders are unknown — it might be worth your while to submit a comment according to the process outlined.

There’s also a reminder in there that I had another blog (now orphaned and forgotten; it’s a theme).  I think that the few bits that were there got migrated elsewhere (perhaps the early tail of this one, in fact), but I should go back and see what was there.