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Pentagonal Grid Sheet for Sharing

August 20, 2015

A lot of people were really interested in the Pentagonal Tiling Map posted earlier this week.  And a couple people have asked for a clean copy of the grid I used to make that map, so I have a JPG and a PDF version I’m making available.  I would be very interested in seeing any other examples anyone creates using these grids, and I’m especially interested in hearing about it if anyone actually uses the pentagon grid in a game.

type7tilingdiagramThat grid was made using the Type 7 tiling description (see illustration) from Convex Pentagons for Edge-to-Edge Tiling, I – a mathematical paper, but with useful diagrams of the then-known types of pentagonal tilings (14, at that time).  It’s a good resource for looking at the other types, in case you want to experiment with making your own.

For most, a JPG image is likely good enough for your purposes, and the image link at the bottom will probably be all that you need (click on it to go to the full size).  You’ll still have to scale it up to fit your paper size, but I think it should work reasonably well for that.  If you want the Letter size PDF file, you can download that, too.

(Please note, this was a quick-and-dirty version I just banged out to give the idea a try. There was no cleanup, and I see a few errors that would need to be fixed before a final version, but this should be perfectly adequate for experimentation.)

I’m planning to explore some of the other tilings, so there may be better resources in the future, with a collection of more patterns to use.