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Poor Brendan’s Update & Bug Hunt

February 16, 2021

The printing company that works with DriveThruRPG for their production is phasing out their saddle stitching. So, many smaller print books that used this as an option are going to have to be converted to a perfect-bound format. (So, in less print jargon, any books that were stapled together, like a comic book, are going to instead have to be bound like a paperback book.)

Some titles are able to be converted automatically (or at least automatically enough that the printer is going to do those. Others, though, are going to require a new cover design, and will have to go through new proofing in order to be available again.

For the Antherwyck Games titles, this affects Poor Brendan’s Almanac, our DragonQuest rules supplement. So, there are a couple points to be made. First, Poor Brendan’s may be unavailable for a short while (though the PDF will still be there, of course; this only affects print hardcopies). But, if we have to revise the print version, we ought to clean up any typos and errors in the current version while we are at it, and maybe make some other updates to the book at the same time. So, if you’ve noticed a typo (or something worse) in the book, let us know, and we’ll get it corrected in the new edition, and we’ll add you to the contributors list in that version, as well.

And, for those of you with just the PDF version, when the new updates are put through, you should be automatically contacted to get the revised copy of your PDF, as well.

The Adventurers’ Guild

January 4, 2017

One of the features that was introduced in DragonQuest is the Adventurers’ Guild, which is a relatively high-powered and complex organization. An entire section (rule 79) is entirely devoted to the Adventurers’ Guild, and lays out things that the Guild can do. But almost none of it is a clear benefit to the ordinary adventurer. The characters in my original campaign were never AG members because the players looked at it and came to the conclusion that there was very little benefit received for the 5% of their earnings that the Guild would charge.

There is certainly precedent for the Adventurers’ Guild in history. The Hanseatic League (which arose in the 1400s) was an exploratory and trade organization with outposts throughout the Baltic region, the northern coast of Europe. The Medici Bank (and other banks of the period) were complex business entities with networks and business interests across much of Europe. Guild structures were also well in place among different groups of artisans and craftsmen during the Renaissance period.

This is an old, draft outline that seeks to expand on the general idea and explain some of the benefits of Guild membership. The fee was reduced to 1%, although a real completist might want to run through the expenses and see at what point the Guild is turning a profit. That might also help in determining how prevalent Adventurers’ Guild halls are and how strong their reach is. The following are the draft of services available to adventurers who were in good standing with the Adventurers Guild, in addition to those other benefits outlined in Rule 79:

  • Membership fee is 1% of all earnings and failure to pay results in blackballing.
  • Guaranteed arbitration and enforcement free to members.
  • Guild contracts free to members.
  • Guild lodging available to members at reduced rates:
      • Guildmember 5 sp — 35 sp/week
      • Nonmember 11 sp — 65 sp/week
      • Guildmember 7 sp — 45 sp/week
      • Nonmember 15 sp — 85 sp/week
  • Guild sponsored feasts after successful (profitable) parties return.
  • Guild members are given priority access when hiring is done either by Guild- or non-members.
  • Special Guild vintage wines and ales served and sold to members only.
  • Access to Guild facilities (meeting rooms, halls, etc.) for members only.
  • Guild retained healers (where employed) give priority to Guildmembers (after life-and-death cases {a healer’s first oath is to alleviate human suffering, not to the Guild}).
  • The Guild network provides quick access to most any service, especially to services difficult to reach otherwise (mages, scholars, etc.)
  • Guild mail service (Guildhall to Guildhall) free to Guild members.
  • Drafts for money allowed to members (Guild checking).
  • Two weeks rations supplied to each Guildmember adventurer under Guild contract at the beginning of an adventure.
  • Hiring hall in the entranceway of virtually all Guildhalls.

Note about Poor Brendan’s Almanac

November 1, 2016

It was just pointed out that there’s a table missing from the edition of Poor Brendan’s Almanac on DriveThruRPG et al.  We’ll get that corrected and updated as soon as we can.  They push out notifications when things people have bought are updated on their servers, so those of you with copies of this edition should get that notification.

Since some of the Wilderness backers are also getting copies of PBA, it’s on the list, too.  But, for the moment, the focus is on wrapping up the Wilderness adventure.