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An Oldschool Kind of Map

December 30, 2015

Here’s an old school kind of map for any sort of impromptu weekend dungeoneering hijinks you might need a map for.


This is a mid-level dungeon, with stairs leading down from above (near the waterfall pool, lower left) and further into the depths (flanking the waterfall at the end of the stream, lower right).

Overall, this is far from a beautiful map, and it was done as just a fast throwaway, but there are a couple interesting bits you might like to use in maps of your own.  The watercourse is kinda interesting, but doesn’t quite work.

Since this was scanned in color – to get the blue of the water to show – I had expected that the grid might show up, as well.  It’s interesting that it didn’t show up in the scan, but the phonecam sees it just fine.


Merry New Year, all!  I’ll try to have something good queued up for Friday, again.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project.