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Zine ideas for 2020

January 1, 2020

Next month, Kickstarter is running their ZineQuest to encourage people to produce RPG-related zines.  Thor and I have been discussing a couple of options.

One is a general interest, RPG topics kind of zine, with pieces of some of the fragmentary game ideas we have been kicking around but haven’t yet been able to get to a finished state, along with other supporting materials for games.  A miscellany, in short.

The other idea is to bring back the DragonQuest Newsletter.  My initial thought with this is to take the old DQNs and re-format them for print/PDF, and add some new material with each issue.  I’d have to take a look to see what sort of size of project

With either of these, I think we’re looking at doing a print version for US, and PDF available worldwide.  We could also have a delayed print level for non-US subscribers where you wouldn’t get the print copies until the end of the year’s run (assuming 4 issues/year). So we’d only have to do one international mailing, and that’s probably viable without us incurring stupid-ridiculous mailing costs.

If you have any thoughts about this (especially if you are a potential supporter of the project), let me know in the comments, or drop me a line.

Wilderness of Ordurak Players’ Map

November 18, 2018

This should have been included from the outset, really.  Since the adventure in the Wilderness of Ordurak is dealing with an unknown wilderness region, the players should have a map with only limited information on it.

So, this is a map that GMs can give their players that shows them the known lands in the eastern part of the map, and only the limited information about the region of Auskenheim and the road from Calogero.  A few names remain on the map for things that are known to be out there, so there’s a general sense of where they are, but not a clear indication on the map.

It’s also another chance to show off the work that Stephen Peto did on making such an SPI-like map.  Even if you aren’t interested in the DragonQuest adventure, the Map and Gazetteer are a really great setting that could be used with any fantasy campaign.

This map is now included in the bundle from DriveThru.  If you didn’t get notification already, drop us a line and we will get that sent to you right away.

Crystalline Cavern

July 24, 2015

This system of halls and chambers is formed almost entirely of high-grade crystalline quartz.  The walls and ceilings are faceted and are made up of thousands of large conjoined crystals.  The floor is mostly just a rough and irregular surface of broken crystal, but there are places, especially alongside the walls of rooms, where many sharp crystalline points still poke up making a surface with very difficult footing.


There are a range of colors in the rock of this place, from purple and indigo through to pale yellow.  Deeper colors are less transparent and harder to see through.  However, because of the numerous facets and the crystal structure of the rock, none of it is very glass-like in terms of being able to clearly see through.

The ‘bridge’ (where the two hallways cross over each other near the entrance) is a clear quartz so that torchlight from a group passing by would be readily noticed by someone in the other part.  Some of the walls are thin enough and clear enough that this is possible in between other adjacent spaces, as well.

Although this is not stalactite and stalagmite structure, there are many areas with projections of crystal jutting up from the floor or extending down from the ceiling, and the heights of rooms and halls vary widely throughout the complex.

(If you want to think of this like being inside of a giant geode, you are not far off.)

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project.

SciFi Cards – printed and written on…

June 18, 2015

The printed cards arrived along with some other things for proofing. The immediate question was, would they pass the pencil and pen test?


Overall, they are pretty decent, as good quality as should be expected for something like this.  The printing of the light grays is a little bit too light, but that’s a calibration issue between design and production, and that’s what print proofs are for.  The more important question is the glossiness of the coating, and how well they can be written on.

Since these are intended for note-keeping, it is important that these can be written on.  By themselves, they are nothing, really.  So, how did they do?

The bad news, first of all, is that they are not at all suitable for use with pencils.  I didn’t test it extensively, but the mechanical pencil I tried first did nothing other than creasing the surface a bit, the same as if I had been using a nail to mark it.  So erasable doesn’t figure, since they can’t be written on with a pencil in the first place.  If your writing implement of choice is a pencil, these cards are not what you want.

Then I tried pens.  I used four different pens on the test card (left, above).  “But, I only see two sets of words, Rodger,” you’re saying, now.  And that’s right.  The Sharpies (both a Fine Point and an Ultra Fine) were perfectly adequate for marking these, and that’s what I used on the other cards shown, as well.  The other two pens I used, a Flair Medium and a Micron 02 both wiped off completely (like a dry erase, almost), even after sitting on the card for a few minutes.  So maybe there is some erasability, after all.

That could be a good thing, or a bad thing, though.

If you are using the card to keep track of something like charges used, or hit points received, you could probably re-use the card a couple times.  The testing I did was to leave the ink on it for about 10 minutes before seeing if it would wipe off with a finger.  After a few times doing this, it might not be as resilient as the first time.  That’s not how they are intended to be used, so I wouldn’t want to count on them performing like that over and over.  But they’re cheap enough you could use one for a while, and then, if it got messed up, just start a new one to replace it.

These will be coming to the Atherwyck House store at DriveThru RPG