Exquisite Corpse Dungeon Update – Final Week


This is the final week for the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon, and participant #10 (of 12) is working on their section. If that comes back fairly soon, and the remaining two participants can be pretty quick with their turnaround, we should be ready to wrap things up close to the end of the month.

Although I haven’t begun work on regularizing everything to put it all together, I’ve sort of laid things out to get a sense of how things look so far, and it’s pretty cool how well everything is going.

Originally, this was just a goofy idea I put out there. I didn’t even know if anyone else would want to contribute to it. If I got 3 or 4 participants, I thought I’d be really happy (many of the surrealist EQ drawings were done on sheets of paper that were folded into thirds); and 6 was maybe the outside of how many people I thought might take part. So the participation has been pretty remarkable.

There has been some discussion about ways of doing the next one already; I’m a little bit floored by that. It’s impressive that this would grab people so immediately that there would be discussion of a ‘next one’ so soon.

It’s likely going to take a little while to put it all together once it all gets in, and maybe also during that time, there can be some further discussion about how the next one should go.

And the whole thing will be posted here, as soon as the last piece is turned in and the whole thing can be assembled together. If you’d like to get word about it as soon as it is completed, or want to find out about future Exquisite Corpse projects, as well as getting word about other projects for Antherwyck House Games, sign up for my Tiny Letter newsletter.

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