Dungeon Fragment 1-15

January 24, 2022 by

This piece was created to be posted on the 15th, but since the Lunar project came along, and I had the opportunity to share that map, that bumped the space in the schedule for this piece. (For some reason, this didn’t post this weekend, so it’s been rescheduled to post Monday morning).

I’m happy that there is more work to be posted, and I’m also glad that there are more than the minimum of two of these maps that I wanted to have posted for the month; so I’m ahead of plan on that.  If I can build up more of a buffer, I might start doing additional posts, or posts on other days.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

Lunar X1

January 15, 2022 by

This map is a research base on a small moon.  It was a recent commission for Through the Void, a science fiction game that is being itchfunded right now.  The game is described as a minimalist OSR (Old School Renaissance) game:

The core rules of the game fit on 1 sheet of paper. Explore abandoned asteroid mines, hulking relics of the solar wars, and lunar labs. Through The Void provides the characters sheets, rules, and procedures you need to build thrilling space adventures and all you need are pencils, dice, and a few hours with your friends. 

The base includes an airlock for personnel access, projecting out, top left; and a rover garage with a large bay door, top right.  Other spaces include a galley/common area and two habitat sections (on the right side), and two laboratories (one of which is connected to the large research bay, which has the exposed lunar surface in the center).

This map was kept pretty open, to allow for different GMs to populate the spaces in different ways, but the greebling along the walls gives it a more science-fiction feel, while helping give good definition to the spaces.

This was a quick turnaround project, to help with their internal development needs, and fortunately I had the time available to get this done for them.

Dungeon Fragment 1-08

January 8, 2022 by

Another dungeon fragment map, with some doors to enclose a few spaces. And a few connections to other areas beyond this small dungeon section.

This one scheduled a few days in advance to start building up a buffer to be able to have these post on a regular basis. For the time being, I hope to have one post every 2 weeks, or two a month; this month is covered already. If I get more posted this month, that’ll put me ahead. I’ll try to maintain that schedule, though there may be hiccups along the way.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

New Dungeon Fragments

January 1, 2022 by

A few years ago, I created a series of Dungeon Intersections. They are drawn on a small notepad that has really nice paper, and something about the size and the texture seemed to beg for quick doodle maps that I posted fairly regularly one every couple weeks.

So, for the start of the new year for 2022, I’m starting another series of the same type of maps. For this year, I’m going to wait and see how readily I can post these before I declare a schedule. The last series was 26 maps, named alphabetically, and posted over the course of a year. I hope to match that set this year, but delivering anything has been problematic over the last couple years, so there are no promises, other than that I will try to keep to the schedule.

If you want a set of the older intersections series printed on a set of poker-size cards, those are available from DriveThruRPG. You can also find them by scrolling back through the older posts of this blog.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

End-of-Spring 2021 Update

June 20, 2021 by

It’s almost summer, and well past due for some updates. The next issue of AntherZine was supposed to be a Spring issue; it’s going to be late, but it is well underway, and should be out soon. We’d also like to find more writers to include in future issues. We’re also working on getting print copies of the Wilderness of Ordurak map. And there is a new product at DriveThruRPG: the Dungeon Encounters cards.

AntherZine – Two articles and a remix of a game from HodagRPG are done; another article is underway. It shouldn’t be too much longer before this is out. It would be good to get to the point where it is cost effective to be able to make a hardcopy print version.

Dungeon Encounters cards – A deck of 26 poker-size cards with sections of dungeons. On one side, the map is plain; the other side has the same map with an overlaid hex grid. We’ve already had inquiries about a PDF and/or a book version of this, so look for those to be available soon, as well.

AntherZine Contributions – At this time, 73 people have downloaded a copy of the first AntherZine. That’s not bad for a zine coming from nowhere. Most people took it for free, but a few paid something for it, and the income from sales for that are a bit under $40. That means there is not much budget to pay contributing writers. But the intent is absolutely to pay writers, so if you have something to pitch, get in touch!

Wilderness Map – We made a few updates and corrections to the print map of the Wilderness of Ordurak, and the PDF versions of those are available. This now also includes a Player’s map, which has the unknown areas empty, so it can be given to the players to fill in as they explore and learn about the region. But the complete region map came back with some strange, blocky pixelization in the mountain areas. It’s not clear what caused the problem, but we need to take care of that before it’s ready for sale.

AntherZine – Available Now

March 13, 2021 by

The AntherZine is now available as a pay-what-you-want PDF at the Antherwyck DriveThruRPG site.

AntherZine v1n1 coverThis initial issue of AntherZine was largely written earlier in 2020, but languished for much of last year while everything was blowing up. We’re starting to regain our bearings, and while this didn’t make it as part of Kickstarter’s ZineQuest, that did help provide some impetus to get it going.

The plan is for this to be a quarterly publication, and using last year’s issue as a demonstration shows how it will look and some kinds of content that may be featured. This includes a couple of random descriptive tables, as well as an initial working draft of “Invasion of the Moonmen,” a small, standalone game by Thor Hansen.

Work is underway of volume 2, number 1 of the zine, and it is aiming for an early spring release date, so stay tuned.

Antherwyck & DragonQuest Updates – Feb 2021

March 2, 2021 by

There’s more to this post than originally intended, and I blame Froth, and Twitter.  A few weeks ago, I was listening to the ThoughtEater Podcast Humpday RPG Show when I was shocked to hear a question about DragonQuest come up: “I’ve heard of it; has anyone ever played it?

Obviously, I have a few thoughts and a little bit of experience about the subject.  And so, after a little messaging back and forth with Froth – who had asked the question, and some wrestling with sound recording, a couple weeks later, I had a recorded a few minutes of discussion about DQ which was included on the show a couple weeks later.

Separate from this, we had started talking about ZineQuest, and thinking again about the Anther-Zine we had started working on, and had roughed out, before 2020 really blew up and turned into all that 2020 was.

We’re polishing things up and getting AntherZine Volume 1, Number 1 ready, and will be releasing it as a PDF in the next couple weeks.  We’re hoping that it will be something that we can start doing on a regular basis, and have also started working on the first issue for Volume 2.  The present plan is to have a forward-subscription model.  If you support us for one issue, you’ll automatically get the next one.  And if you support that one, you’ll automatically get the one after that. And we’ll have a subscriber-supporter level where you sign up for a year’s worth of issues.  Past a certain point, back issues will be released in pay-what-you-want mode.  But those who want to support it can get earlier access.  We will also probably do some physical copies, and figure that a few people may want to get those.  We’ll have some more about all of this when we officially release it.

Also, perhaps as a result of the DQ discussion on the podcast and accompanying posts on Twitter, an old friend showed up and had some questions about the Wilderness of Ordurak adventure and about any other forthcoming DQ projects.  We’re looking into making it possible to get print copies of the regional map from the Wilderness, and hope to have something on that soon, as well..

Until now, I haven’t wanted to say much about it, because it’s early, and these things tend to take a lot of time to complete, but I have started on re-working and expanding the Medford Adventure, which was outlined in the DQ files years back.  There wasn’t a lot there, but it was a solid outline to work from.  I’ve been working on it sporadically for a couple months. There’s no specific timeline for it yet, but it’s underway, and I’ll start giving some updates about it as it moves along.  It’s going to be more in the range of The Sentinel Keep in size, rather than another Wilderness of Ordurak.

Lastly, a quick reminder that there is a listserv for DQ discussion if you are looking to start new discussions.  You can sign up for that at:

Poor Brendan’s Update & Bug Hunt

February 16, 2021 by

The printing company that works with DriveThruRPG for their production is phasing out their saddle stitching. So, many smaller print books that used this as an option are going to have to be converted to a perfect-bound format. (So, in less print jargon, any books that were stapled together, like a comic book, are going to instead have to be bound like a paperback book.)

Some titles are able to be converted automatically (or at least automatically enough that the printer is going to do those. Others, though, are going to require a new cover design, and will have to go through new proofing in order to be available again.

For the Antherwyck Games titles, this affects Poor Brendan’s Almanac, our DragonQuest rules supplement. So, there are a couple points to be made. First, Poor Brendan’s may be unavailable for a short while (though the PDF will still be there, of course; this only affects print hardcopies). But, if we have to revise the print version, we ought to clean up any typos and errors in the current version while we are at it, and maybe make some other updates to the book at the same time. So, if you’ve noticed a typo (or something worse) in the book, let us know, and we’ll get it corrected in the new edition, and we’ll add you to the contributors list in that version, as well.

And, for those of you with just the PDF version, when the new updates are put through, you should be automatically contacted to get the revised copy of your PDF, as well.

End of Year Notes for 2020

December 27, 2020 by

It’s taken almost a year, but the name of this blog has been revised to drop the “House” in the old Antherwyck House Games (it’s just Antherwyck Games, now) as noted at the beginning of 2020. Like much of the world, Antherwyck effectively went on hiatus for most of 2020. But, a couple things are shaking loose, and I’ve posted a couple things in recent days.

There was recent news at the beginning of December that Froth is returning with Thought Eater, and that will be a very welcome return!  That prompts me to share my current gaming podcast list.  With most of these, I have been a fairly regular listener for a while:

Like a lot of other folks, I think that podcasts have supplanted the community connections that I’d developed from Google+ communities.  But, there’s a lot less feedback in the audio format than there was in G+.  There needs to be a better way for doing feedback for podcasts.  I’m not inclined to start recording audio, but I’m going to try to be a more responsive listener, and let the folks making these podcasts know I’m listening, and have some thoughts on their programs.

Other than that general plan, I don’t want to say anything about upcoming plans, or things I’d like to be doing. In the past, when I’ve done that, and then they don’t come to fruition as quickly as I’d thought, it looks like a bunch of incomplete projects.  So, while I hope to do some things in the coming year, and have more output than in this year, I don’t want to make any promises until I have something in hand.

So stay tuned.

Near Space Map

December 24, 2020 by

The focus here is more on fantasy games and maps than on science-fiction. But, this is well worth pointing out, even if it’s not my work: a new map of the nearest stars to the Earth.


The map of The Closest Stars corresponds very closely to the near-space poster map that was included with the Universe role-playing game by SPI.  The Closest Stars is a 10 parsec radius; the SPI Universe map is a 30 light-year radius, so they’re pretty comparable in the area they cover.

I haven’t done a comparison between the two to see how compatible they are.  But, I assume one could adapt and interpolate the basic information from the Universe map, to be able to use the new one.

Section Dungeon

December 19, 2020 by

Well, hello folks! It’s been a while. A couple of seasons, even.

Inspiration for drawing, or much of anything, has been lacking the last several months. But then, this kinda fell out of nowhere, yesterday. And today, I did some further work and then inked it.

To use this for an actual adventure, the rooms to be explored are implied by the doors and passages shown off of the halls, so there are more than a half dozen identifiable rooms plus other chambers and spaces, so a variety of options are available.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

Four Elements Map

April 2, 2020 by

RT map 2020-03-31sm

Four interconnected geomorphs inspired by the idea of the four elements.

I’m sending these as individual geomorphs for Dave’s Mapper, so these are available for use through the Creative Commons license [CC BY-NC 4.0].

Individual tiles below, if you want to use them from here.

Created with GIMP

Created with GIMP

Created with GIMP

Created with GIMP

Dark Days on the Silk Road

March 26, 2020 by

The title seems way too apropos at the moment, but maybe that will be okay.  It is meant to suggest a setting in the kind of nebulous fantasy world of 60s and 70s stories, where the roots of the setting were much more often non-European, often a kind of spare, desolate setting, studded with rich, dense cities.  More a chain of caravan stops than the hamlets and towns between the larger cities.

When I mentioned it in the Next Projects 2019 post, I presented the concept as: “…a fantasy game aimed at a more Fafhrd/Grey Mouser kind of feel.  A recent post from Beloch Shrike aka Link Skywalker at Papers & Pencils titled “Magic Words Suck. Here’s Magic in the Moment.” seems like a good starting point for one branch of the magic system with the right kind of literary feel that this game calls for.” The other key element Thor was starting with was a completely classless system.  Everyone was a little bit of a generalist;  every bravo could also manage to pick a simple lock or cast a couple rudimentary spells if they were going to survive for any length of time.

Thor has been posting some thoughts about this over on his Facebook group (“Thor Talks About Games” – it’s a private group, but if you tell him you found it from here, I’m sure he’ll add you in).  I’m only quoting his posts here, to build the archive for it here; the whole commentary and discussion remains over there.

First post “So I’m working on a game that has an xD6 resolution system. It is an OSR adjacent fantasy game. Everything in the game works off of that except combat damage. Currently I am using polyhedrals for various weapon damage rolls.

“I don’t imagine that it will be difficult for people who find this game to come up with a set, but it seems dumb to need them for only one aspect of the game. Is that wrong? Is there some cool way of rolling D6 to come up with wider varieties of outcomes?”


Second post “So Dark Days, the game I was talking about this morning is a classless game where every character is a Fighter/Wizard/Thief. There are no Stats beyond assigning 1, 2, and 3 to Wizard, Thief, and Fighter in whatever order make sense to you for the character.

“The look and feel of the game is inspired by Fafhard and Grey Mouser sort of stories (there is no appendix N yet). All characters can do anything but at varying levels. the resolution is to roll a number of dice equal to your WT or F against a difficulty.

“If you are using your fighter (I need a name for the stat) you have the Ability to add more dice at a cost to your stamina. If you are using your wizard number you can roll over a number of turns to gather the manna to perform great feats. And if you are using your Thief thing you can retcon the story to make up for things that stand in your way.

“Hit points are divided up into Fatigue, Standard damage, and Critical damage. filling up the boxes for each type of damage cost you but get you a bonus to keep you moving toward success. This is why I want different weapons to make this fairly lite system a little fiddley.”

Some other things have prodded me into starting to think about this for the last couple months.  The big Kickstarter Zine Quest seemed like it might be a place to try it out, but there was a lot of other traffic, and we’re small-time.

But, with some time to work on this, I think we’re going to start to iterate it here, and try to get a rough draft that people can mess with.  Lots of people have time for games, so perhaps we can get some playtesting during these Dark Days.

Alternate Hatch Map

March 19, 2020 by

RT map 2020-03-19sm

Something a little different from the usual crowsfoot scratches at the edges of the rooms here.  This started as a sort-of engine inspired map, and then, the print on someone’s clothing gave me an idea for the hatch pattern to use for the poche.  This is just a phone cam shot, so it’s not as sharp as a good scan.  I’ll see about posting a better version later, perhaps.

It is a lot less interconnected than a number of the other maps I have done, but it seemed more right for this particular configuration.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

More Axon Experiments

March 3, 2020 by


Here’s a snippet of another experimental map I’ve been working on.  I don’t like the shading this way, but this is a photocopy of the base drawing, so it can be a throwaway test. Like the previous axon space map, this is also more open, rather than a set of discrete rooms.

These latest experiments are interesting to me.  I don’t know if they are any more playable than other stuff, and I’d be interested if anyone finds this kind of thing specifically useful or more playable than some more traditional maps are.  Let me know what you think, especially if this kind of map is useful to you.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

Axon space

February 26, 2020 by

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

This map seems more abstract than a lot of the usual stuff that is posted (here, and elsewhere) – it’s kind of a throwback to some things from Google+ (back when G+ was around).

It’s divided into spaces, but not set up with discrete rooms in the traditional dungeon sense.  But it could still be used as a game setting.

As usual, feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose, or contact me if you’d like to use this on a commercial project, or if you would like to commission a custom piece.

First Aid Question for DragonQuest

February 25, 2020 by

From the Antherwyck page on FB, Jeff Halfhide asks:

Hello fellow enthusiasts! Once upon a time during the g+ and yahoo groups days, there was an article about a first aid skill. I have searched low and also high in my dusty archive and cannot find it. Do any of you have information about it?

I’m not readily finding it, so I thought I should open the question to the wider community.

More Geomorphs

January 19, 2020 by

A couple more early year geomorphs.

RT 2020-01-08 geomorphART 2020-01-08 geomorphB


January 12, 2020 by

A couple of geomorphs for the new year.

RT 2020-01-08 geomorphC

RT 2020-01-08 geomorphD

State of Antherwyck in 2020

January 7, 2020 by

What’s up for Antherwyck in 2020?  Let me fill you in.

For me, last year was complicated by both a new job and then a new house.  I have a wonderful office space here, and as we get more settled in here, I hope to keep some Antherwyck projects underway.  If it’s easier to drop in on something for a bit, that kind of slow, but continuing progress is what’s needed to keep things moving, especially when it’s a hobby sideline.  I’m trying to develop some new habits for the new setting, and it seems to be working in some ways, so I’m going to keep at that.

It’s not a terribly significant change, but we’re going to drop the “House” from the name, and simply be “Antherwyck Games” now.  The “House” was an affectation (though it did give us the same initials as Avalon Hill, which was a not accidental nod to the company that first got me introduced to tabletop games).

As noted, with all the upheaval in my real life, very little has progressed on projects in the past year. If we do the ZineQuest project, that will give us something with deliverable target dates and a schedule, and that framework should help bring things to completion. And the activity of working on one project rubs against the other things that are in process, and helps give them a nudge, as well.

I’m hoping to get a regular DragonQuest game going, and with that, I also hope to get some new DragonQuest work published. I’ve been thinking about (and previously written about) revisions or variants of the DQ rules (it is, after all, a 40 year old game system), and that may get enough attention to warrant posting about.

Additionally, I’m thinking about a collection of some of my maps in a publication of one sort or another. It’s been harder to get them done and posted regularly, but there is always the intention of turning that around. But getting some of the old ones collected and refined could help with getting in the mindset for that, too.

Lastly, there is now an Antherwyck-hosted listserv (email list) to help fill in the gap from the old Yahoo groups as those become less functional.  There hasn’t been a lot of traffic there recently (either the old Yahoo groups, for the past few years; or the new listserv, which only has a few people on it), but we’ll try to build that this year.