Followups to the Exquisite Corpse


There was definitely a wave of excitement about the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon when it was unveiled last week. It’s amazing how much interest this weird little project has drawn, but it’s also not surprising, given the talents of the contributors.

Several people have asked about the possibility of a second round, both from the group who participated in this one, as well as a some people who weren’t able to participate in the first one or those who have discovered it after it was finished. It’s pretty obvious that there’s more than enough interest in doing this again, and so the question is going to be when and how, rather than whether to do the next one.

For now, if you are following this blog, or if you’re following me on Google+, then you’ll probably be aware when ECD II starts rolling. There will likely be a separate discussion group for it when things start to ramp up. You could also sign up for the fledgling Antherwyck House TinyLetter, and we’ll certainly be including updates there, as well.

A couple people really want to use the maps and turn it into something more, adding descriptions and so forth. I’m all in favor of the idea, personally, and the map is CC licensed [CC BY-SA 4.0], so you are free to use it according to those terms (as long as you are keeping the credit for the original contributing artists intact and allowing derivative works to be likewise shared). The premise behind the Exquisite Corpse process is one of contribution when you don’t know anything about the other contributors’ work. So, I wouldn’t think that there’s a one-to-one matching way of doing a writeup for it. I’m not planning to organize that part of it, myself, but I’d be glad to help facilitate the discussion, and see if something more could come of it.

Also, it may be a little early to mention this, but there is likely going to be a print version of the Exquisite Corpse Dungeon. We are looking into getting a couple hundred copies of it printed for a small distributor! So, this is going to have an ever wider reach than any of us expected going into this project.

Ideally, if everything works out, the plan is to produce these copies as a scroll. But, if that’s not going to work for shipping, then we’ll have to end up folding them flat. Either way, it’ll be cool to have an even wider audience for it.

If this all works out, we could also potentially sell copies directly from Antherwyck House. We are working on getting Antherwyck House up and running at RPG Now/DriveThru RPG, but the format of the ECD map is not something they are able to do, right now, so we would have to do the printing and shipping & handling for this ourselves.

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