Rodger Thorm Portfolio

This is a selection of my drawings, dungeon maps, and related work.  I am available for limited commissions and custom work, both for publication and for private clients.  Many of the pieces posted on this site are available for licensing, as well.

I work in rectilinear- and hex-grid formats, as well as freeform maps.  I am especially interested in projects involving experimental presentation formats, alternative grids, isometric mapping, and other non-standard types of graphic display.

I am aware of small budgets and I’m willing to work with you to try to make things work out.  I’m not going to give it away (and “for the exposure” doesn’t fly), but we can see if there’s a way to work with you, even if it’s a modest budget for a small project.

I’m a gamer, too, so don’t be afraid to reach out to discuss a project or an idea.  Send an email to rodger [at] antherwyck [dot] com to discuss your project.






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